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Experts in Sod in Atlanta

Mulch Alpharetta provides the best quality sod in Atlanta, Georgia. Because we have relationships with some of the best sod farms in the Southeast, we are not limited to choosing sod from only one farm. We can hand pick the highest quality sod and give it to our customers. Delivery is available or you can pick up your sod at our lot.

Our Grass Varieties

  • Bermudas
    • Tifway
    • TifSport
    • TifGrand
  • Zoysia
    • Zorro
    • JaMur
    • Zeon
    • Meyer
  • Turf-type tall fescue
  • Centipede
    • TifBlair

Why Choose Sod?

There are several reasons to choose sod rather than seeding or sprigging your yard. Here are just a few:

  • Instant beauty without years of cultivation
  • Sodded lawns require no special care
  • No need to wait for a "special season" for installation. You can sod anytime the ground is ready to be tilled.
  • Fifteen times more effective at controlling runoff than a seed established lawn
  • Erosion from wind and water is nonexistent
  • Sod comes with up to a half-inch of fertile topsoil in addition to turf grass
  • The growth cycle starts immediately

Preparing Your Soil for Installation

Before receiving your sod, till or spade the area to depth of up four to six inches. Make sure soil slopes away from foundations. This will eliminate drainage issues. Next, have your soil tested by an expert to determine what your soil needs. Rake in the recommended fertilizer, lime, peat, or compost as needed to a depth of three to four inches. Remove any rocks, roots, or large clods. Next, roll the area with a lawn roller one-third full of water. Make sure the soil is level. The grade should be one inch below sidewalks and driveways. Finally, water the prepared area to settle the soil. This will also provide a moist base for your sod.

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