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We provide the highest quality sod to the residents and businesses of Atlanta, Georgia, at a fair price. Our customer service is second to none and we'll work hard to make sure you get the best sod.


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Quality Sod in Atlanta

Nothing sets your yard apart like a fresh blanket of beautiful, lush sod. At Mulch Alpharetta, we specialize in providing the people of Atlanta with highest quality sod in the state. Because we choose our sod by hand from several of the best sod farms in the Southeast, rather than picking from a single farm, we are able to provide only the finest product for our customers.

Atlanta Sod Services

Choosing a supplier for your sod can be a difficult decision. We try to make that choice easy by providing the very best quality sod at a fair price. In addition, we treat each customer with honesty and respect. Because we choose our sod by hand from the best farms, we can help you pick the very best sod for your yard or landscape project. Whether you need a truckload of sod or just one piece, we can help. No job is too large or too small. Here are a few reasons to choose sod:

  • Instant beauty without years of cultivation
  • No special care
  • No need to wait for a "special season" for installation. You can sod anytime the ground is ready to be tilled.
  • Fifteen times more effective at controlling runoff than a seed established lawn

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